This project is result of an ongoing, multi-year effort to explore, map, and ski the backcountry mountains around Bozeman and Big Sky. 

This guide has been written and published by locals for the skier or rider who is ready to find new, untracked slopes to explore. It is my hope you'll find inspiration for a lifetime of adventures for anything from epic winter ski mountaineering trips to remote peaks, down to easily accessible meadow terrain where avalanches are unlikely and you can build your backcountry confidence in a safe environment.

The goal of this project has never been to document (or expose) every last place to ski, but rather share our high quality backcountry access points and routes with a wider audience in hopes that these adventures can not only bring joy to others but also help build a base of users who care about these spots and can give them the love they deserve.

I hope you enjoy the routes!

By Ben Werner, WS Publishing, CONTACT US