Areas Covered in the Guide

Backcountry Skiing Bozeman and Big Sky covers 25 routes in 6 different ranges. Below are a free preview of couple well known routes to get you started:

1) Mt. Blackmore (in Hyalite Canyon) - A classic Bozeman peak, topping out at over 10,000 ft.

2) Beehive Basin (in the Madison Range) - Spectacular scenery, deep snow, and easy access.

3) History Rock (in Hyalite Canyon) - A popular spot for meadow skiing that is close to Bozeman and has easy access.

All trailheads in the book can be accessed with a car or truck (no snowmobile is required) and cover a wide range of adventures, regardless on whether you are into telemark skiing in easy meadows, skimo in extreme terrain, or snowboarding and alpine touring (AT) on everything in between.