A Mountain Journey - read the full review
"One guidebook that we’re super stoked about is Ben Werner’s Backcountry Skiing Bozeman and Big Sky. This expanded 2nd edition print was just released and it rocks"

Northern Lights Trading Company
"This is the most comprehensive guidebook for backcountry skiing in the region. It's great for skiers who are new to town or new to the sport, and it's quickly becoming one of our best selling books!"

Bozeman Daily Chronicle - read the full interview
"...As tempting as the panorama is, looking around the mountains ringing Gallatin Valley doesn't exactly reveal anyone's stash of powder. Now, thanks to Ben Werner's new book, prying loose a few secrets is simply a matter of flipping through some pages."

Outside Bozeman - read the full review
"Guidebooks are like treasure maps to outdoor enthusiasts, promising rich adventures in previously unknown locations...this book will prove extremely useful for earning turns in southwest Montana. Likely to help local skiers break out of the rut, this guide is a well-formed collection of the mainstays in our area but also provides inspiration to get out and discover some lesser-known locations to make tracks in this season. An admirable first edition."

Explore Big Sky - read the full review
"The Bozeman and Big Sky Backcountry Ski Guide has been a hit among locals wishing to learn more about how to access the myriad backcountry ski options in the area—and with good reason. I’ve been unable to put my copy down, and every free minute during the workday has been spent reading up on potential ski tours around the region."